CRT: Top 5 New Writers of the Last Decade!


Hey kids! One of my coolest finds flipping through the dollar bins of recent note was coming across the first issue of Wizard Magazine. I never owned the first issue of Wizard, but I did start reading relatively early. I remember being around for some of the single digit issues […]

The 22% Problem


Recently I found myself pondering the current situation with the X-Men Johnathan Hickman relaunch. The X-Men have been a branch of the comics universe that I have always enjoyed, but for far, far too long–since the late 2000’s–I have found them to be impenetrable. The creative teams change too often, […]

Bonus Show 12.6.19: End of the Freebies


  This is the Final Free Bonus Episode, Folks! Lap Up that “Free”ness while you can! On this week’s show: With our upcoming Patreon set to start soon, The Ghosts deliver one last free bonus show for all the fans to close out 2019! First, Ethan Larson joins us for […]