Show 7.7.20: Halloween in July!

GhostAndy 2

On this week’s show: The Ghosts of the Stratosphere bring you two semi horror-esque read pile reviews on this week sure to get you in the Halloween spirit…several months early. First up, we take a trip to the Dark Tower with the Marvel adaptation of the classic chapter from Stephen […]

CRT: G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte by Michel Fiffe


Hi folks! Recently, I stumbled back into the G.I. Joe franchise. First, it was picking up the Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis’s excellent Joe revival featuring a world where Cobra has won and is setting up Indianapolis as its new capital. It reimagines the franchise in a compelling way that’s […]

Show 6.30.20: America’s Legendary Iceberg

GhostAndy 3

On this week’s show: The Ghosts are joined by Johnny Ganache from Pint O’ Comics to celebrate Independence Day a few days early with a read pile review of Mark Waid’s retelling of the classic Captain America coming out of the ice story “Man out of Time”! Plus, it’s another […]

Comics’ Best Alternate Looks Part 4!


The last time we came together to discuss some of the better non-standard appearances of our favorite comic book characters, I mentioned that the X-Men alone could be at least one article. Never let it be said that I don’t sometimes fulfill my promises, because here we are with an […]