Show 12.31.19: Decade’s End


  It’s the End of the 2010s! Are you ready for another decade of GotS!?! …I think I need another drink… On this week’s show: The Ghosts finish off the 2019 season with a brand new experiment in their weekly read piles: Completing an entire run over the course of […]

Show 12.24.19: GotS Holiday Office Party


  Only Santa works harder than the Ghosts to deliver the goods on Christmas Eve, Folks! On this week’s show: The Ghosts celebrate the holiday season with their annual Comic Book/Pop Culture White Elephant Gift Exchange! Be ready for more gift stealing than the Grinch ever thought possible!  

Show 12.17.19: 2nd Annual GotS Comic Quizarama


Get Ready for Another Trivia Night at the Stratosphere Lounge! The Ghosts are about go Game Show Ga-Ga with their annual Comic Book Quizarama! On this week’s show: Nicole Larson hosts our second annual GotS Comic Quizarama! See your favorite Ghost celebrities: Andy Larson, Rob Stewart, and Chad Smith as […]

Show 12.10.19: Ghosts of X


  We were going to sing the 90s X-Men Cartoon Theme Song for all our fans in honor of this week’s episode. But music copyright is a bitch. On this week’s show: With the upcoming hardback collection in comic shops now, The Ghosts finally tackle one of the most talked […]

Bonus Show 12.6.19: End of the Freebies


  This is the Final Free Bonus Episode, Folks! Lap Up that “Free”ness while you can! On this week’s show: With our upcoming Patreon set to start soon, The Ghosts deliver one last free bonus show for all the fans to close out 2019! First, Ethan Larson joins us for […]

Show 12.3.19: Answers & Questions

GhostAndy 1

  Sometimes we don’t talk about Comics. We just answer tons of questions about them! On this week’s show: The Ghosts are in a question asking, question answering mood as we devote a whole show to postulating and expounding upon the mysteries of the comic book universe! What is the […]

Show 11.26.19: Obligatory Watchmen Show

GhostAndy 1

  It’s a Comic Book Podcast. Of course, we’re going to talk about Watchmen sooner or later… On this week’s show: The Ghosts celebrate Thanksgiving week by providing a feast of analysis on one of the most important and well known comic books of all time: Watchmen!  Prepare yourself for […]

Show 11.19.19: Stewless

GhostAndy 3

  What do you do when you are down a Robert Stewart on this week’s show? Have tons of interviews with great comic book folks, of course! On this week’s show: With Our “Ideas Man”, Rob Stewart, off this week, Andy and Chad have to fend for themselves in coming […]

Show 11.12.19: Sinister Six Trombones


On a Crisp Autumn Evening, sometimes playing board games with your mates is the best time you can ask for! Especially Evil Crime Related Board Games! MUAH HA HA! On this week’s show: The Ghosts are set to roll some bones as they review another comic book related board game […]

Show 11.5.19: Spidey’s Golden Years


It’s Superhero Old Timers Day here at the Stratosphere Lounge! Web Swing into your Recliner and Sit a Spell! On this week’s show: Spider-Man finally gets to enjoy his retirement as the Ghosts review Chip Zdarsky’s “Spider-man: Life Story” series in which our favorite web head ages over the decades […]