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Ghost Merch is now on Sale!

The Day has finally arrived! Time for you to own some of your own great looking Ghost Merch! The Ghosts of the Stratosphere have teamed up with Tee Public to […]

Something Unique

I feel compelled to point out that I spent more time looking up a possible picture to use as this article’s featured image than I am likely to spend on […]

Guest Spot on Victims & Villains Podcast

Recently our very own, Rob Stewart, had a chance to make a guest appearance on the Victims & Villains Podcast, a fellow pop culture podcast which also promotes suicide prevention […]

Odysseus And His Two Pairs of Pants

Andy always wants me to write about things that aren’t Pop-Tarts. I don’t know why. Thematic with our show it may not be, but the #PTQ is oddly one of […]

The GotS Best of 2018 Awards!

The New Year has passed, we’re all back to work, and we’re stuck in the dead of winter for the next several months with nothing but bleakness and cold to […]

GotS Name the Ghost Contest!

Please include your t shirt size with your entry. Winner of the t shirt must be from the continental United States for shipping.

Happy Thanksgiving from GotS!

Thanksgiving is the time for Family! So we didn’t think there was a better video we could post for this holiday than this recent video we shot of Jakob Larson, […]

The Ghosts are now on Spotify!

Ghosts of the Stratosphere are proud to announce they have added Spotify to this list of places you can download our podcast every week! That’s right you can now find […]

The GotS Annual Halloween Party!

Hey everyone! As we mentioned on yesterday’s podcast, we put together a short video of our antics at this year’s annual Halloween Party for the cast, crew, and friends of […]

The Adventures of Mind-Man

Ever since last week’s podcast, in which we introduced one of our new panelists, JA Scott, there’s been some buzz around some comments made about a comic book series that […]