Music: An Article


At Ghosts of the Stratosphere, we may have started as a comic book specific podcast, but we have branched out in many different directions on our site. We frequently discuss anime, Disney, wrestling, movies old and new, and toys. We have even been known to discuss music on occasion. I have not tended […]

Insomniac Cult Movie Theater: Captain Blood


Do you know what keeps me up at Night? Everything. Yes, there are so many things to worry about in the world from the impending global heat death, to constant ever present political turmoil, to plastic choking our oceans, to being overworked and underpaid, to why the power struggles within […]

Midsommar Review

Not BAMF 2

Let’s preface this right away: I did not care for Hereditary at all. I know a lot of folks did. I have seen that people really seemed to dig Ari Aster’s debut feature length horror film about Toni Collette acting bonkers and heralded it as their Film of 2018, and […]