Andy’s Top 10 Best Picture Winners


Hey gang! It’s Andy Larson, back again for another one of these monthly battles for GotS bragging rights by delivering a series of top 10 lists on a variety of different topics. Of course, given that the Oscars are only in a few days, we thought a great topic for […]

Movie Review Time: One Cut of the Dead


I am really struggling to get through my list of missed movies from the 2010’s. I shouldn’t be; the wife and I watch at least a little television together most nights. But the rub is that we have only recently started watching Community for the first time, and Amanda LOVES […]

Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit

Not BAMF 1

Jojo Rabbit looked so damn risky when I first started seeing trailers for it. I mean, let’s be honest: World War II was eighty years ago. EIGHTY YEARS! That is by no mean insubstantial. World War II was as close to the Civil War as it is to the current […]

Movie Review Time: Parasite


I mentioned recently that I really wanted to see Parasite, but knew little about it going in. I thought it was for the best that I keep it that way and try to see the movie as soon as possible to see what all the buzz was about. I’m glad […]