Thirteen the Fridayth.

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I was very excited to do a Friday the 13th article. “Oh! Oh!” I would say to Andy. “Leave the 13th open! I will move my articles around and write a Friday the 13th themed article!” And he did. And I would. It turns out… I don’t really have that […]

Ghostly Impressions: Ant Man and the Wasp


 Here at the Ghosts of the Stratosphere, we like going to the movies! And then we usually make a podcast about the super hero ones! ooOooOOOOoooOoOOOO! Still, we thought it would be a nice idea to give a brief impression of what we thought of our opening night Ant Man […]

Let’s Talk Going To The Movies!


I have precious little patience for movies in my own home. I assume it’s my Millenial-adled mind that sees far too many distractions and can’t allow me to sit still long enough to pay that much attention, but I’m just really bad at it. Oddly, the more people that are […]

Movie Reviews for Comic Fans: Wizards

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Wizards is an animated movie from around 1977 made by smutty cartoon innovator, Ralph Bakshi. Y’know…the Fritz the Cat guy (and for you true geeks, the force behind the deliciously insane second/third seasons of the 60s Spiderman cartoon). It’s the story of these two wizards who fight this war in […]

How will you spend Star Wars Day?


**Before I begin, big props to Frank Cho for the featured art on today’s article.** For those of you not nerdy enough to care, Today is the official Star Wars day or in other words “May the 4th be with you”. Some people go all out of this made up […]

Movie Review for Comic Fans: Island of Lost Souls


Hey gang. Back here with more bloggy goodness. Some of you ask what the Ghosts do when we are not recording awesome podcasts or reading comics. Well, often times, we watch movies together such as the other night when we had a little mini movie night with my fellow Ghost, […]

Infinity War Predictions!

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For the last few years, my biggest fear in life has been “Boy, I hope I don’t die before Infinity War and Unnamed Infinity War Sequel!”. My whole life has been leading up to this, and the thought of missing it is just… just the pits! Well, Avengers: Infinity War […]