Jab’s Reviews: Hercules


HERCULES (1997) Written by: Ron Clements, John Musker & Barry Johnson Ahhhhh HERCULES. This one’s a funny one for me, because at the time I HATED IT, largely due to the bastardization of Greek Mythology (it’s easier to define what they got RIGHT than what they got WRONG, and basically it’s […]

Stew’s Nuzlocke Journey: Chapter 2!

Not BAMF 2

PREVIOUSLY ON STEW’S NUZLOCKE JOURNEY: I started out my first ever Randomizer Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge on generation four’s remake of generation two’s Pokemon Silver, Pokemon SoulSilver. It’s confusing. I started off with a Piplup the Penguin with solid defensive ability and named him Marc-Andre. In a generation that is a […]

The Old Guard – Movie Review


The Old Guard: LADY HIGHLANDER   Charlize Theron is really becoming one of the go-to action stars of Hollywood. She’s a good actress, has some moves, and she has those “I will murder you” eyes. She is America’s favorite Sexy Kung Fu Fighting Giraffe.  You can rely on her to […]