Andy’s Current Favorites: September 2018

Hello Mr. and Mrs. America. To start this month’s “Current Favorite” blog, I decided to post another picture of one of the Masters of the Universe minis that I painted. Again, per my previous post on the topic, these minis are not licensed by Mattel nor official MOTU merchandise. They are minis I painstakingly found…

Questions from the Peanut Gallery

It’s mail time here at the good ol’ GotS. Believe it or not, I have received a fair share of emailed questions from my loyal readers over the course of the past couple of months, and like any good blog host, I’ve pretty much ignored them until the day when I was stuck for something…

Andy’s Current Favorites: August 2018

So I was planning on taking the opportunity of a free night to call my old fellow podcasting partner, JA Scott, and tell again what a terrible “Blades of Steel” player he is. However, he has thwarted my plans yet again by his absence, so therefore I’m stuck with you, the unwashed masses, blogging into…

Top 10 NES Games: Part 2

After enduring mounds of scorn from my brother, Ethan, for not being “timely enough for his feminine tastes” in terms of posting the second half of this list of greatness, I figured I’d buckle down and polish this subject off. As said previously, the Nintendo in some ways, wasn’t as huge of a factor in…

Andy’s Current Favorites: July 2018

Hello Fans! Back again for another Monday morning worth of good times and great tastes. Yeah, I know that didn’t make a hell of a lot of sense, but it’s what I’ve been conditioned to follow good times with since I was a little kid…AKA Mcdonald’s slogan for the years previous to “I’m loving it”….

Top 10 NES Games: Part 1

So similar to my other Top Ten Video Game lists such as my Top 5 Sega Master System games or Top 5 Super NES games , I figured it was time to give a list that was more universally known: Greatest NES games. Growing up, it was my older brother, Dave, who had the NES….

Tales From The Pokedex #2

Welcome back, chums! Last weekend I offered forth a fictional story based on one of the creepier Pokedex extras from the realm of Pokemon, and here is a second such entry in that series. If you like these, let me know… I’ll keep offering them up over time.

Andy’s Current Favorites: June 2018

As my annual summer vacation to the beach continues to chug along, I thought I’d take the easy way out with one of my blogs for this week by just giving everyone another dose of my the Big Four for the month. Yep, as referenced when I did this back in April as well, this…

Top 10 Essential Arcade Games: Part 2

Ok gang of four, it’s time for the second part of previously started list of the top 10 Essential Arcade games. I must say that these Top 5 listed below are actually so good, that forget the multicade cabinet, these games are good enough that you could get them as God intended: as their own…

The 10 Essential Arcade Games: Part 1

It’s coming up on 6 year anniversary of the completion of one of my greatest creations ever: My basement arcade cabinet. Yes, through a lot of tedious long hours of programming, getting the necessary parts, testing and retesting the system paid off in what most people that visit my man cave call my crowning achievement. […]