AEW Full Gear Live Review


My track record of attending pro wrestling pay-per-views is… not great. Prior to this past weekend, the only such shows I have attended have been, in total, SummerSlam 1995, Roadblock: End of The Line (2016), and Extreme Rules 2018. Not exactly a murderer’s row of great cards. Two shows that […]

Bret Hart: A GotS Discussion


Hello everyone! Welcome back to the main event, the headlining show stopping hullaballoo which is the Ghosts of the Stratosphere! As some of you might have guessed we have quite a lot of pro wrestling aficionados here at GotS in addition to being fans of the funny books. In fact, […]

The Right & Wrong of Wrestlemania

Not BAMF 1

  I told you this weekend that we had solid reasons to be excited for Wrestlemania 35. I was pumped for the show, and I was confident it would turn out to be the best ‘Mania in several years. Now that it’s in the books, let’s see how it fared by examining […]

Ranking The Rumbles: 2019


2018: The Man A funny thing happened between the Royal Rumble 2018 and the Royal Rumble 2019, as perpetual also-ran Becky Lynch became a star so big that she pulled so many of WWE’s plans into her orbit. She became THE focus of so much going on, and was easily […]

WWE SummerSlam & NXT Takeover Predictions!


I’m not going to get to see either NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV or Summersam 2018 live as they happen this year because the summer of “My wife and I have plans every single minute of every single weekend” has struck again, and I’m going to be out Saturday AND Sunday […]

The Five: Five Best Wrestling Gimmick Matches


I’m still talking about wrestling because Andy hasn’t fired me yet! MOMENTARY ASIDE: I literally just Google searched “Pushing the envelope” to post an image here in relation to how I keep talking wrestling on our comic book blog and podcast, and almost every picture that comes up is a […]

WWE Money In The Bank: Predictions!


Money! Money Money Money Money! (Money money money money money money money) Is that… that’s how the Money In The Bank theme song goes, right? Or am I making that up? There’s cash register noises in there, too, but that’s the gist of it. You can totally hear it in […]