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Category: The Comic Bookworm

Comic Bookworm: May Bookshelf

So, ‘ya know, sometimes I read things but don’t have time to write a whole blog about them. So, I won’t. But I will give a little peek into what […]

Comic Bookworm: Asterios Polyp

Hello. My name is Nicole. And I am a procrastinator. I may be, ahem, several years out of college and many years past high school but I am suddenly feeling the anxiety […]

Comic Bookworm: Paper Girls Vol. 1

So, this whole thing with comics being in issues…ANNOYING! When I just want to keep reading and reading and then the issue ends and I’m like “what? what happens?” but […]

The Comic Bookworm: Operation S.I.N.

Hello world. You may recognize me from my appearances of the GOT Stratosphere podcast but I am now also available for your reading pleasure in the blog-o-sphere! You’re excited aren’t […]