The Snyder Cut of Justice League!!!


The fans have clamored for it, petitioned for it, and inexplicably tried to justify it….Even if it does exist, it’s nowhere near as super as this moustache. Just sayin! April foo…man, where was that steely-eyed stare/stache combo on film? That could have saved all the movies! It’s distracting!

This Week In Stew!


“Stew, you have an article due this Friday”. “What? No. That doesn’t… sound accurate. I just wrote one last… time”. “Well you do”. “Blech”. Hi everyone! Welcome to my thrilling article that is due! It turns out I have nothing to say! Honestly, though? I blame the Pop-Tarts. They just […]

Something Unique

Not BAMF 1

I feel compelled to point out that I spent more time looking up a possible picture to use as this article’s featured image than I am likely to spend on the actual article, and… that is what I went with? What the heck even is that? They look like Little […]

Pop-Tart Quest Week 23


POP-TART QUEST ISN’T RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! POP-TARTS IS RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! THIS WHOLE DAMN COURT IS RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! Huh? Wait. Didn’t we…? Haven’t we been here before? We’ve definitely done this before, Pop-Tarts! You can’t just throw […]

Pop-Tart Quest Week 22

Not BAMF 2

SINCE THE DAWN OF POP-TART QUEST, ONE TART HAS STRUCK DIRE FEAR INTO OUR BREAKFAST WARRIOR’S HEART. TODAY, HE FACES THAT FEAR. THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! Okay, yeah. So yeah. Yep. I mean… ultimately, how bad could a Pop-Tart be? They are sugar and sludge and shell. It’s not landing […]

Pop-Tart Quest Week 21

Not BAMF 2

YOU MIGHT THINK POP-TART QUEST IS OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK NIOW, BUT YOU’D BE WRONG. WEEKS AREN’T THE SAME THING AS YEARS. YOU REALLY SHOULD KNOW BETTER. THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! Pop-Tarts are one of the most unpleasant foods in the world to eat when you have mouth ulcers! It’s […]