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These are the fantastic men and women that bring you the articles, podcasts, and other nonsense that keeps you coming back for more day after day. All are self respecting adults who just refused to grow up.

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Andy Larson

(Podcast Host, Contributing Writer):

The de facto leader of the Ghost Writers, Andy finds himself often playing the part of ringmaster in the 3 ring circus called the Stratosphere Lounge.

An avid fan of things from the past, you can often find him, beer in hand, wading through Silver, Bronze, and even Golden age titles looking for that one undiscovered gem to share with the team.

A family man at heart, he also enjoys teaching his young children about the important skills in life such as how to maintain your high score in Donkey Kong or why Darkwing Duck should be taught on college campuses as a shining example of satire.

Favorite Comic Characters:

Spider-man, Mad Man, Flash Gordon, Doctor Doom, Machine Man.

Favorite Other Geeky Topics:

Star Wars, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Masters of the Universe, Doctor Who, Classic Arcade Gaming.

Blog Handle:



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Robert Stewart

(Podcast Co Host, Contributing Writer):

Rob, or Robert, or Stew. Call him what you will (but not, like, Bobby or Bob, those are terrible and oh my god everyone is going to do that now, right? Everything is ruined).

Co-founder and regular panelist and contributor to Ghosts of the Stratosphere.

Spends too much time trying to convince the other Ghosts that they should give manga a chance or come over to watch the next WWE pay-per-view.

Favorite Comic Characters:

Jubilee, and then everyone else is tied for second.

Favorite Other Geeky Topics:

Professional wrestling (WWE/NXT, Lucha Underground, NJPW); anime/manga; fantasy football; Pokemon; tabletop gaming (D&D, board games, children’s card games).

Blog Handle:

NotBAMF on every social media platform he’s joined, including Twitter and Instagram.


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Chad Smith

(Podcast Co Host, Contributing Writer, Ghost Noise Maker):

Chad likes pop culture—comics, movies, video games, sitcoms, stand-up comedy, and even a real book from time to time. That time is usually in the summer.

Chad dislikes writing his own bio and expectations of timeliness. He’ll get there soon enough.

When he is not chatting in the lounge, Chad can be found playing with his family, working hard for a living, swimming in the pop culture pool, or snoozing. Snoozing’s pretty cool.

Favorite Comic Characters:

Spider-man, Daredevil, J. Jonah Jameson, Robin, The Lone Ranger.

Favorite Other Geeky Topics:

Lots of that stuff I mentioned is geeky. I also like action figures,  Pokémon go, board games, card games, and arguing about the minutiae of game rules.

If  the card says “play at any time,” you should be able to play it at any time.


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Nicole Larson

(Podcast Panelist, Contributing Writer):

The wife of podcast host, Andrew Larson, Nicole has been reluctantly whisked into the world of comic book culture like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz.

However, now that she’s knee deep in it, she’s committed to making the most of it providing both a female perspective to the comics reviewed on both the podcast and site as well as a more serious scholarly approach that comes from having her literary analysis skills honed over years of being in book clubs.

The loving mother of two little ones, Nicole also hopes through her efforts with the Ghosts to provide other parents out there with family friendly options for comic book reading.

Favorite Comic Characters:

Jessica Jones, Loki, The Joker, Kilgrave.

Favorite Other Interests:

Reading, Knitting, Cooking Shows.

Blog Handle:


Nicole Read


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Rob Josebeck

(Podcast Panelist, Contributing Writer):

Coming from a background of TV animated series, Rob is not what you would call an expert on comics. In this, he has a lot more heart and soul than experience.

What knowledge Rob does have, dates back to the animated series of Xmen and Spiderman. His talents and expertise lie more with manga and Japanese anime, the foreign superheroes.

While most Ghosts are reading Thor or Hulk, Rob is reading Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. His presence adds some spice to the mix of all us nerdy book readers.

Favorite Comic Characters:

Peter Parker, Thor, Vash the Stampede, Goku, and Ginko.

Favorite Other Interests:

Rob also loves boardgames, especially Table Top Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons. Rob has become the Ghosts’ “go to” Dungeon Master, previously running a 6 year campaign with the group.

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Zach Josebeck

(Podcast Panelist):

Coming Soon.

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