What I’ve Gamed: Early 2020

Not BAMF 1

It’s been so nice playing Pokemon again, man. I had such an extended break from the proper Pokemon games between when I last played them (with Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS) and now, with the relatively newly released Pokemon Shield. The problem I encountered during that stretch was less that […]

Top 5 Second Doctor Stories (Doctor Who)


  Hey gang! It’s Andy Larson back with another installment of my ongoing “Best Doctor Who stories” series of monthly articles which I hope will brighten your filled days here in 2020. As the current season of the new Doctor Who comes to a conclusion in the next few weeks, […]

Show 2.18.20: Ghosts of the Old West


  Saddle Up, Partners! We’re hitting the trail with a stampede of comic talk this week! On this week’s show: It’s an all Western show this week on the GotS! First. E.C. Larson stops by to discuss one of the most famous western comics in history with a review of […]