Jab’s Reviews: Pocahontas


POCAHONTAS (1995): Written by: Carl Binder, Susannah Grant & Philip LaZebnik   And NOW WE COME… to the END of the Renaissance. The most hilarious thing about this is that Disney thought this was going to be their MAGNUM OPUS. Like, after Beauty and the Beast got some Oscar Cred, they were like […]

Show 4.28.20: The GotS Game Night


  On Ghosts of the Stratosphere, we make our rookies fight for our amusement! We are a barbaric lot, aren’t we?!? On this week’s show: It’s Game night on GotS, as the Ghosts welcome on both of the Josebeck brothers for a rookie battle for supremacy featuring game show type […]

CRT: Spider-Verse Mini Series (2019) Review!


Hey kids! Perhaps you remember in 2018 when one of, if not the best Spider-Man movie of all time was released: Into the Spider-verse. That’s impressive in its own right, considering it’s the 8th theatrical release movie starring a Spidey and his bajillionth appearances in the Marvel movies, too. For […]

Why The Best Comic Characters Resonate So Well


Some of the most memorable and fascinating characters in all of fiction were first created for comic books. The last decade-plus of movie ticket sales can more than substantiate that. But even before cinematic effects caught up with the way these larger-than-life heroes deserved to be presented, you are still […]

Top 5 Fourth Doctor Stories (Doctor Who)


Hey gang! It’s Andy Larson back with another installment of my ongoing “Best Doctor Who stories” series of monthly articles which I hope will brighten your isolated days here in 2020. And of course, as everyone can tell by the profile pic I’ve used over the past couple of articles […]

Guest Spot on Pint O’ Comics!


Need more Ghosts of the Stratosphere Goodness? Recently, the Ghosts of the Stratosphere’s very own, Rob Stewart, filmed a comic book review with frequent podcast guest, Johnny Ganache, for his Pint O’ Comics Youtube channel! Check out the video below for a review of DC Comics “Superman Unchained” from their […]