Jab’s Reviews: The Lion King


“Avenge me KIMBA– I mean SIMBA.”     THE LION KING (1994) Written by: Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts & Linda Woolverton So with the Disney Renaissance still going strong, they released a risky little picture about lions that was only INSPIRED by other stories rather than basically taking the whole thing […]

Show 4.14.20: The Goats of Fayette County


  We promise slightly more comic book talk than goat talk on this episode…slightly On this week’s show: The Ghosts of the Stratosphere take a look at Tom Scioli’s interesting recap of the history of the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine, with a review of Fantastic Four: Grand Design Volume 1. […]

Show 4.7.20: Doomsday Prep

GhostAndy 1

  Superman vs. Doomsday! So Nice, They Did it Twice! On this week’s show: In this Super packed episode of GotS, the gang takes an in-depth look at the Man of Steel, Superman! We have a read pile review of the 90s classic Superman/Doomsday plus recommendations on more great comics […]