Show 10.9.18: Le Burger Gros Ventre


We got a packed house as Andy & Nicole, Rob & Amanda, and Chad Smith all join forces to tackle the massive pile of comic book current event news including Iron Fist Season 2, Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix, and DC’s Heroes in Crisis series!

Second, The gang sets their sights on naming their definite artists for some of comic book’s most famous characters like Green Lantern, Thor, Dr. Doom and Superman. Is your favorite on our list? Listen to find out!

Iron Man 3: A Reexamination

GhostAndy 3

As discussed on yesterday’s podcast, we did see the Marvel movie Venom the other day. Although you should listen to our official review, the long and the short of it was it was pretty godawful.  I know I shouldn’t have expected much from it given it was not a Marvel […]

Bonus Show 10.5.18: Venomous

GhostAndy 4

Andy Larson, Rob Stewart, Chad Smith and Zach Josebeck are set to deliver a review Sony’s latest entry to the Marvel Universe: Venom! Did the movie bond with us in symbiotic harmony or did it make us want to eat our own brains?

Second, the group is does a rookie read pile for all you Venom newbies on the “Birth of Venom” Trade Paperback covering all of Venom’s early history from Amazing Spider-man!

Pop-Tart Quest: Week 4

Not BAMF 1

THREE HAVE COME, AND THREE HAVE FALLEN. OUR INTREPID POP-TART WARRIOR MARCHES ON TO DO WHAT NO SANE PERSON EVER COULD… NAY, EVER SHOULD! THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! Frickin’ Pop-Tarts. All right, fool me once, Pop-Tarts, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I can’t get fooled again. I already […]

Show 10.2.18: Filled with Rage

GhostAndy 3

First, Andy Larson, Rob Stewart, Chad Smith, and JA Scott do a read pile review of “Old Man Logan” by Mark Millar. Is it as good as the “Logan” movie? We shall see…

Second, The gang tackles another team building exercise as they assign Lantern rings to worthy members of the Marvel Universe? Who will be Marvel’s Green Lantern? Listen to this show to hear the results!