Show 5.26.20: Being Born Again

GhostAndy 1

  The Ghosts don’t care if you are blind as a bat. It’s the Deaf ones we worry about. They can’t hear our terrific podcast! On this week’s show: The Ghosts welcome back Zach Josebeck, our original rookie, for a read pile review of arguably the most famous Daredevil story […]

CRT: Spider-Verse Mini Series (2019) Review!


Hey kids! Perhaps you remember in 2018 when one of, if not the best Spider-Man movie of all time was released: Into the Spider-verse. That’s impressive in its own right, considering it’s the 8th theatrical release movie starring a Spidey and his bajillionth appearances in the Marvel movies, too. For […]

Show 4.14.20: The Goats of Fayette County


  We promise slightly more comic book talk than goat talk on this episode…slightly On this week’s show: The Ghosts of the Stratosphere take a look at Tom Scioli’s interesting recap of the history of the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine, with a review of Fantastic Four: Grand Design Volume 1. […]

Show 3.31.20: The Star Wars Show


  A Long Time Ago…In a Galaxy Far Far Away… On this week’s show: The Ghosts of the Stratosphere give you an all Star Wars related episode this week starting with a review of “The Skywalker Strikes”, the first trade of the Star Wars series from 2015 by Jason Aaron […]

Show 2.4.20: Pint of Thunder

GhostAndy 1

  Sometimes the Pint O’ Comics folks are on our show. Results may vary. On this week’s show: The Ghosts are joined by guest co ghost, Johnny Ganache, from the podcast Pint O’ Comics! First, they tackle a read pile of the first two trades of Jason Aaron’s Thor: God […]

CRT: Top Comic Book Runs of the 2010’s!

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Hey kids! I’m back with another top of the tops list! I’m still not ready to embrace this whole 2020 thing–that really is the future! So instead, I’m going to take one last look into the recent past. This time, I want to look at my top comic book runs […]