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Tag: marvel

Bonus Show 7.5.19: His Mighty Shield

‘Merica! Home of Red, White, & Blue Avenger! ‘Nuff Said! On this week’s show: In honor of America’s Birthday, we are spending the entire show talking about the First Avenger […]

Andy’s Read Pile: Spider-man, Torment

Happy 4th of July, Everyone! For all of my American readers, that means “Happy Independence Day y’all!”. For my British readers, that means Happy “Yeah we totally broke up with […]

Do you Remember: The Serpent Society?

Hello Everyone! It’s Jabroniville, again, with another trip down comic book memory lane with shout out to some of my favorite comic book characters that you might have forgotten about! […]

Andy’s Read Pile: Avengers, No Road Home

Hey Folks! It’s Andy Larson again! Host of that terrific weekly podcast thingie, Ghosts of the Stratosphere, where we sit around and talk about comics and you all pretend you […]

Bonus Show 5.3.19: Avengers End Game

Finally, We’ve got the Spoiler Heavy review of Avengers: End Game on this month’s Bonus Show! (yes it has spoilers…it’s been a week…if you haven’t seen the film already…that’s your […]

Show 4.30.19: The Avengers Fantasy Draft

We’re celebrating the release of Avengers: End Game with…. An Avengers Fantasy Football Style Team Draft! (no…not a movie review…that’s later this week…) On this week’s show: The Ghosts welcome […]

Andy’s Read Pile: Thanos Wins!

Howdy, Gang of Four! GhostAndy back with another edition of “I prove to the masses my reading comprehension is above that of a 2nd grader” aka your Read Pile entry […]

Show 4.9.19: Sketched a Batman

On this week’s show: First, the Ghosts talk about their recent comic book store experiences and what makes for a great one. Next, they review the comic book related board game by Conner Reed called "5 Minute Marvel." Finally, Zach Josebeck joins the gang for another round of their scenarios game? Which superhero would be the best NASCAR driver? Which one would win the Winter X-Games? See what answers the Ghosts come up with!